Losing my Quiet Corner

I’ve just moved the junk room around – giving up the desk the old iMac used to sit on so my other half can take it over with her sewing machine, in preparation for the local dance company show.

For the last several years she has made costumes for the shows – everything from fifty penguin hats, to a room full of flowing dresses. For the better part of a month our house turns into a production line – with patterns spread across floors, rolls of material here there and everywhere, and a sewing machine propped in the middle of it all.

At the moment the lounge is filled with decorative hair bands, and the clothes dryer is being used as a temporary hanger for autumn inspired shirts.

One of the biggest problems of having sewing projects all over the lounge and dining table is mealtimes – where we either have to move everything, or work around everything – sitting in various chairs around the room with meals on our laps.

So. My quiet bolt-hole in the corner of the house is no longer going to be my own. To be honest I’m not too fussed – I’ll just grab the old laptop and sit in the lounge. I bet the sewing projects still end up all over the lounge – AND the junk room – AND the kitchen.

I’m not getting rid of the iMac. Back at the start of the year when we ran out of money spectacularly, I thought about selling it – but it ended up being one of the few things I hung on to. Now I’m kind of glad I did. Maybe if I win the lottery I’ll build a shed in the garden, and turn it into a writing den. I bet the shed would eventually get taken from me too.

I’m starting to understand why some people sit in coffee shops to write. They obviously live a similar life to me – where no one corner of the house is their own – where no single hour is really truly their own. I’m not complaining – just making the observation.

4 thoughts on “Losing my Quiet Corner

  1. Welcome to my life. My tiny corner on the main floor always has, for whatever reason, everyone’s stuff on it, or they take mine and don’t return it.

    I too will aim to get a shed, a *She-Shed* which will be insulated, have electricity and water, a kettle and/or coffee maker and a little tiny fridge for milk, chocolate and wine.

    And it will be triple locked from the outside. 🙂

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  2. This reminds me of a short story of mine. 🙂 In it, the narrator has to learn how to ‘be’ in his life again when he realises he is slowly losing his wife (and his neat house) to her passion for knitting. He laments about balls of wool and knitting needles on every household surface, but in the end he learns to love the wool balls because he realises the wool balls make his wife shine from the inside out. I’m a bit of a romantic, so it was ALWAYS gonna end with him loving the wool balls. Lol. I hope you end up loving the creative clutter. ☺️ If it’s clutter decorated with love, and a persons passion…surely that’s okay, hey. ☺️🦄🌈

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  3. I like the romantic notion of a coffee shop, but I really need a quiet space to write. I do have romantic dreams of writing fantastic tales in longhand while sitting on a blanket beside the Seine or the Thames. I’m always impressed by people who know how to sew. I can manage if I try really hard, but my husband does it better and so he replaces the buttons for me.


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