How is it already Wednesday? How are there only twenty minutes left until the end of Wednesday ? Where the hell has my week off gone ? So many questions. They all have perfectly logical answers of course, but I’ll try and ignore that as best I can.

It’s late on Wednesday night at the time of writing. I’ve just put the rubbish bins out, the dishwasher is running, there’s an empty tea cup sitting next to the laptop, and a plate full of crumbs that used to be attached to a slice of my other half’s birthday cake – a fruit cake that seems to be lasting forever. I’m sitting at the table in the lounge, because I’ve finally lost the junk room – something I predicted some time ago. The junk room is now festooned with old knitting projects, brick-a-brack, pattern books, and bags of material.

I don’t really mind using this laptop. It was originally bought as a christmas present for our eldest daughter, but she never used it – she inherited my old Chromebook, and much prefers Chrome OS over Windows – not that it has Windows installed on it. It’s currently running ElementaryOS – a Linux variant that seems to run well on old hardware, and looks and works wonderfully.

Oh – nearly forgot – I canned the second blog yesterday. I need to stop tinkering with things, and focus on doing one thing – if I’m going to get back into writing, surely it’s better to have one place to share things (here) instead of several places. You may have noticed I changed my blog theme a few days ago too – this is where I hold my hands up, and admit to discovering a way of installing themes on that are no longer available through the design menus.


It’s getting late, and I really don’t have a lot to share – other than an endless churn of chores, and ferrying little people from this place to that. We spent much of this morning sitting in a trampoline park, watching our youngest and her friends bounce around like lunatics.

Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll get a chance to sneak into town for a coffee, and an hour of peace and quiet. Maybe I’ll take the laptop. Saying that, if I get up with our eldest, I know the first hour of the day will be my own anyway – and significantly cheaper than Starbucks. Sitting at home doesn’t afford you passing strangers to describe though. Decisions, decisions.

Time to go to bed.

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