Embracing the Quiet

While walking into town to get groceries this morning I forgot to take headphones with me so instead of filling my head with a podcast or music, I had only my thoughts for company. All manner of thoughts bounced around my head as I walked the mile or so in each direction. Now I’m home, I’m not so sure than any of it really stands up – or rather, the little that I can now recall.

I’ve been coming up blank a lot recently.

Having something to write about helps. Churning through one day after another at home doesn’t really help. Every day becomes groundhog-day – filled with washing up, tidying up, grocery shopping, and so on.

Maybe I need to step up and take a few chances. Empty the darker corners of my brain. I wonder if it’s a slippery slope though – a pandora’s box.

I filter so much.

While walking home from town earlier, I started making a mental list of all the things I filter – everything from personal interactions to thoughts, opinions, hopes, dreams, annoyances. It seems that if anything is even vaguely controversial I stay far away from it. I have dug a hole for myself – a deep hole.

One thought on “Embracing the Quiet

  1. It’s the classic thing we do, us humans. Dig a hole and sit in it because it’s comfortable. Of course, for some of us, what eventually happens is the ‘comfortable’ begins to feel ‘uncomfortable’ because we’re limiting ourselves, and we can only do that for SO long. I don’t know what to say to you, Jonathan. Write what the guy under your skin wants to say. Be careful and kind with the feelings of others, but be honest and brave and true to you. Surely you can do all of those things in this place? Right! Enough of the deep stuff. Lol. Just write. Perhaps a description of a toilet roll if you’re running short on writerly material? You’re a great writer. You could totally DO that! 😂☺️

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