After spending an hour yesterday cleaning my bike, and replacing the brake blocks (I’ve been cycling around with no brakes for the last few weeks – don’t tell anybody), I got on it this morning and cycled to work.

Bah humbug.

There was a moment last night – after I caught up with Game of Thrones with my other half – that we turned to each other, and agreed that we should go to bed, because we had to get up for work in the morning. You would have thought the world was ending – in reality it just meant the end of the Easter holidays.

So. I’m back in the office – filling the bullet journal with “things to do”, trying to clear emails, and make way for a month of craziness. I’ve been approved for overtime pretty-much immediately in order to work on two projects simultaneously – one during the daytime, and another during the evenings. It won’t be forever, but it will mean I’m absent from almost everything for the next few weeks – including this blog.

Maybe the blog will become a way to decompress when I down tools late on an evening. “Down tools” is a strange expression when you think about it – my tools are my brain, and my work laptop. Let’s suggest that there will be a symbolic “closing of the laptop lid” late each evening.

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