Just a Few Words

The clock just ticked past midnight. I haven’t written for a couple of days, so thought it might be an idea. I’ve been working around the clock this week – through the day in the office, and then through the evening at home. One project in the daytime – another project at home. I don’t really mind for a little while because I’m being paid for every minute – and we really need the money at the moment.

I’m learning a JavaScript framework called REACT in preparation for a huge development project that is just starting up with one of our major clients. I don’t need to learn every dark corner of the system – that will come with time – I just need to figure out how it hangs together – how to work with it, rather than in spite of it. There’s a part of me that’s excited to be working on something different, but also another part that’s thinking “I’m getting too old for this”.

The more fun part of starting new projects is putting the various pieces of the jigsaw together – the database schema, the server-side object model, the client-side object model, the user interface, and so on. After figuring out what you’re going to build, and how you’re going to do it, development often turns into a mammoth game of “who can hold the biggest chunk of the mountain above their head at once” – all while trying to explain to the client that “no, you can’t have a little bit of the 747 to try out – it doesn’t really work without the jet engines, wings, wheels, and… well… all of it really”.

Anyway – it’s time I went to bed. The clock is ticking – tomorrow is already here.

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