Another 8 Hours

I just worked straight through Saturday. On the minus side, I lost a day of my weekend – on the plus side, I progressed the project I’m working on enormously and will get paid for it. And taxed for it. Boo.

I think an evening filled with pizza and movies may be just the medicine I need to get what’s left of the weekend back on-track. Or at least a distraction from the all consuming software development project that’s eating my life. I thought about the project when I woke up this morning, and again in the shower – that should be some sort of alarm bell, shouldn’t it.

In other news, I discovered somebody I’ve sort of known for years has been writing a blog. It’s ever-so-slightly odd when you realise somebody you know writes too – or it is for me at least. If I click the like button on a post it will leave a breadcrumb trail back to me. Other people will see the breadcrumb trail too. This is of course a stupid line of thought, reservation, or whatever else you might call it though – because I post under my own name.

I shouldn’t fear being “found”, and yet I don’t publicise my posts anywhere. That’s a bit of an oxymoron really, isn’t it – like Robinson Crusoe working his ass off to make his island look nice, but not signalling any passing ships.

(A couple of hours pass)

We just watched “Into the Spiderverse” – the new animated Spiderman movie. Great movie. It probably says something about the way my brain works – I noticed perhaps six or seven scenes throughout the movie where the 3D scene was left in – in the middle of the 2D version of the movie. It was only for a few seconds each time, but they were there. Strange.

Anyway. Enough. I need to go decompress, and do nothing for a while. Play chess, or read a book. Anything really.

3 thoughts on “Another 8 Hours

  1. I read about pizza more on this blog than any other I follow. 😄

    Lately, pizza has become a staple in my house too. At least once a week we make puzza. Today the 11yo made the dough herself, and I put on the toppings after she left for practice. It is such a easy and delicious meal, isn’t it. 🍕

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  2. I hope that you have a chance for relaxation today. 🙂 I decided to change my permalink structure (something I’ve been wanting to do, but have been daunted by the thought of the task) and have created a nice, big mess for myself. lol.

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