A New Laptop

Well… when i say “new”, I really mean “new to me”. For the last couple of years I have been carrying around a hand-me-down laptop that used to belong to one of our children. I ended up running Linux on it, because it’s not really capable of running anything more than that.

Well that’s all about to change. Earlier this week one of my co-workers arrived in the office with a new toy – a second hand laptop he had bought from E-Bay. I have to admit I was hugely impressed. He had essentially bought a laptop that had cost £1200 six years ago for about 8% of it’s original price.

I’ve now done the same. I did my homework, compared ten or so of the same machine that had appeared on E-Bay, and chose one from a professional referbishment factory. I guess you could call it a “recycled” laptop. I’ve already ordered more memory, and a new solid state hard drive for it – it’s going to be fast. I also checked the price of replacement batteries, and was pleasantly surprised. Sure, it’s not going to run all day like modern laptops, but it will last for a good few hours away from the power supply. That’s good enough.

I almost forgot – it’s got a touch screen, that flips around to turn the laptop into a tablet. Now there’s a party-piece I’m never going to use. Perhaps more importantly, it has a VGA socket – so I’ll be able to plug it into the projectors we inherited from the school.


I guess it’s time to dig out the Scrivener license key.

One thought on “A New Laptop

  1. All our iPhones and iPadMini are from a pro-refurbish place (not mine, I have Android) and there have been zero complaints. I think my son’s phone was only 2 or 3 years old…people want new all the time so they get rid of good working technology quickly. If you do good research you can find decent priced stuff that works good as new.

    Well done Jonathan. Maybe now you can write more…😉

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