But first, another cup of tea.

I was going to open this post with “it’s Saturday morning”, but having looked at the clock, it’s already 2pm. Where they hell has the day gone already? Oh yes – I walked into town with our youngest, cut the grass, hung washing out to dry, cleared the kitchen, and moved the living room around so my other half has room to make five dresses for next weekend’s dance show.

The postman arrived this morning with a jiffy bag containing the memory and solid state drive for the recycled laptop that should arrive with me on Tuesday. It’s going to be odd – having a half-decent laptop again after so many years without one. The old desktop computer is still here, but is edging closer and closer to retirement. You can feel yourself physically ageing while waiting for it to boot-up or login.

Anyway. What else has been going on recently?

We went to see Avengers Endgame last night. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m sick (I’ve been coughing and fighting endless headaches for the last few days), or if I’m burned out on comic book movies in general, but I really couldn’t understand why the critics have been giving it such stellar reviews. Yes, it was good – entertaining – all that other stuff – but it wasn’t exactly brilliant.

I’m not going to give any spoilers away if you’ve not seen it. I will however say that I thought the movie was disjointed, rushed, and tried to cram too much in. Only a couple of the avengers really got time invested in completing the story arcs – I thought that was a shame. And the appearance of Captain Marvel pulled the rug out from under the entire story in much the same way that Superman did in Justice League. She could have beaten Thanos single-handed, which beggars why the rest of the movie was happening at all.

I get it – no, really, I do – it’s a children’s movie. It’s not supposed to make that much sense. It’s just… oh, I don’t know. I just wish it had been better.

If you hadn’t guessed already, I’m taking the day off today from working endless amounts of overtime. It’s a bank holiday weekend in the UK, so apart from investing in myself for a change and trying to beat the cough I mentioned earlier, I’m also tidying up the various writing projects I’ve dipped into over the last few years. That reminds me – last year’s tilt at NaNoWriMo is still on the iMac – I’ll need to plug it back in if I’m going to recover it.

I keep wondering about selling the iMac, but I can’t imagine anybody would have a use for it any more other than nostalgia. Although it still works perfectly a minor change to the internet last year means it’s essentially dead in the water. You know the “https” protocol ? The encryption scheme behind it got upgraded last year – and pretty much everybody in the known world rolled out the upgrades. Unfortunately the Internet went dark for the iMac as a result (if you’re technically minded, I’m talking about the switch from SSL to TLS).

Sitting here and writing this isn’t actually helping me get anything done, is it. Maybe I’ll just go put the kettle on first though, and then think about what to do next.

2 thoughts on “But first, another cup of tea.

  1. You’ve been writing. That’s wonderful. 🙂 You should share some of your projects/ ideas with us here. Perhaps it’ll inspire you. x

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  2. My son went with some friends to see it he said he liked the movie but his friends had mix feelings my hubby and I need to still see it. Feel better . Sounds like the cold my daughter and I had for a week. Lots of tea helps.


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