Back to Work

The clock is ticking towards midnight, and you find me sitting in the dark of the junk room after watching the latest chapter in the Game of Thrones saga. I’m still fighting a chest infection, but that hasn’t stopped me putting in a couple more hours of overtime – continuing to quietly construct a software leviathan of sorts. A leviathan that few will ever see, but that may impact more than most would guess.

The new laptop arrived today – I replaced the hardware, tripled it’s RAM, and installed Windows 10 on it this evening. It’s ridiculously fast compared to anything else in the house. The only remaining improvement will be a replacement battery – to double it’s life away from a power source. A slip case might not be a bad idea too.

While I write this, my other half is toiling away in the lounge – sewing dresses for a dance show at the weekend. Neither of us has much of a life at the moment.

Anyway. Time to go brush my teeth then fall fast asleep before doing it all again tomorrow. And again the day after.

Before you say it, I know the “too much work makes Jon a dull boy” story only too well. I’ve installed Scrivener on the new laptop. I’m writing this post in it, as it happens – when work slows down a little in a month or so, I’ll start thinking about writing a few stories.

12 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I’m sure I’ve said this before but I just adore Scrivner. I literally don’t know how I’d be writing my current novel without it. I look forward to the excerpts I’m sure you’ll post when you get to start utilizing it properly.

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  2. Hi Jonathan, I buy the GOT DVDs and then my husband and I binge watch. I will not be able to wait a few months this year. Scrivener has been in my radar lately. I will have to investigate. I hope your chest infection clears up asap:) Erica

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    1. Still got the chest infection (five days later), but it’s slowly going away. Scrivener is a great piece of software for writing – it’s really designed for working on books, but works just as well for lots of other things too.

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