Falling Off the World

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, but it’s been a week since the last post to the blog. I can’t remember missing so many consecutive days for years, let alone months. I suppose I might have when we have gone on vacation in the past, but certainly not while I’ve been here.

So where on earth have I been? Sick. Really, really sick. A chest infection has been busy moving from family member to family member, and I got it last. I think perhaps sitting next to our middle daughter for three hours to watch Avengers Endgame at the local cinema might have driven the final nail into my body’s defences.

Of course, “being Dad”, I don’t get to take time off like everybody else. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been working overtime to do two projects at the same time at work either. Just to add an almost comedic element to the mayhem, catching the virus has coincided with the end-of-season Rugby awards evening, and the end-of-year dance company show. I attended both – running a ridiculous temperature in both cases. Looking back, I’m not entirely sure how I got through either event.

Anyway – fingers crossed – I’m on the mend. After a spectacular coughing fit while cooking dinner for the kids this evening (other half went out with her Mum), I appear to have dislodged something deep inside my chest, and actually feel half-human again. No doubt whatever war is being waged inside me will continue for some time yet though – I keep hearing horror stories of people being knocked out for weeks with it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, we have the next episode of Game of Thrones to watch – before we see any spoilers. I’ll get around to catching up with your blog posts soon, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Falling Off the World

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve all been ill!! I hope that you’re all on the mend. End of the year stuff gets crazy!! My schedule is all over the place and I have to check it more than once! Next Wednesday, boy 2 graduates and then it all should calm down (fingers crossed since life doesn’t usually seem to listen). 😉


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