Small Thoughts

After a week away from writing anything on the internet, I’ve not so much had time to reflect, as time to not think about anything. Actually that’s not entirely true – for the greater part of the last week I’ve thought various combinations of “holy crap I feel terrible”, “I wish I could stop coughing”, “why doesn’t cough medicine fucking work?”, “maybe another cup of tea will help”, and “maybe some more paracetamol will help”. Just for the record, nothing has helped much. The doctor that once told me that cough medicine worked more as a placebo than anything was right.

I considered taking a swig from the cough medicine bottle last night, rather than a 5ml spoon. I guess that harks back to a childhood where my parents would rub Vics vapo-rub directly under our noses if we had a cold – the label tells you specifically NOT to do that, but it never seemed to harm us.

I’m getting sidetracked already.

I think perhaps being absent for a while has given me a little perspective on this whole blogging thing – a chance to take a step back and realise that the words I churn out don’t have to be insightful, interesting, or important. Nora Ephron once said that blogging was kind of like an exhale – I like that idea. A post captures our thoughts at a fleeting moment – they don’t have to be big thoughts either – even the smallest of thoughts might be just as valid.

What am I saying here? Maybe that it’s time I cared less, shared more, and perhaps knocked a few bricks out of the wall I typically surround myself with. Of course writing it is one thing – doing it is quite another.

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