Crash and Burn

You know that whole idea I had about using Scrivener for writing projects? Yeah. That’s not going to happen any more, after it decided not to like the graphics driver on the new laptop. I figured out – quite by chance – a way of making Scrivener not only crash itself, but also bork Windows 10 pretty badly.

I’m kind of annoyed – but also relieved in a strange sort of way. There’s something about using Scrivener that reminds me of the people you find in art classes with the expensive paints, easels, and drawing pads that can’t draw for toffee. I’ll just stick to my trusty text editor. The only thing the text editor is good at is words – and that’s kind of all you need really.

So. I’m finally starting to feel a bit better. I still feel like there’s something stuck in my throat throughout the day, and the feeling gets worse in the evening – but my body finally seems to be winning the fight against the virus it’s been waging war with for the last couple of weeks. Today I’ve been able to do pretty good Maximus impersonations – “Father of a murdered son, husband of a murdered wife…”

I find myself keeping Facebook and Twitter at the end of an ever-lengthening stick just recently – more to protect myself from reacting to things than anything. I saw the news today about Alabama banning abortion, and wanted to write something – but knew it would just end up being an attack on any and all religious people – the pious for being mindless idiots, and the rest for being hilariously hypocritical. Like I said – it’s better that I keep my mouth shut. I try SO hard not to question other people’s beliefs directly, but sometimes they make it incredibly difficult.

I also find myself posting less frequently to Instagram. I’m not really sure why. Seeing the world, and capturing moments requires that you’re out in the world – and I haven’t been for the last several weeks. Hopefully that will change soon.

Oh crikey – look at the time. It’s nearly midnight. I promise to catch up with some of your blogs soon.

2 thoughts on “Crash and Burn

  1. How funny.
    There’s a Gladiator reference in my novel!
    The first time Martha turns her hire car to drive the lane up the vineyard reminds her of that scene… when he returns to find what you describe..

    Fab film (and score)


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