That Friday Feeling

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m taking a break from work for a bit to empty my head into the keyboard. The chest infection is slowly clearing up, replaced by a head cold. Go me. I’m battling on though – fuelled mostly by chocolate bars, cups of tea, and badly made sandwiches. I have a can of Dr Pepper sitting on the corner of my desk at work, but hot tea seems like a better idea at the moment.

One part of me wants to celebrate because the weekend is nearly here, but another part of me knows the weekend means cutting the grass, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and so on. Urgh.

The highlight of this week was almost certainly our middle daughter becoming a prefect at school. We were invited to a morning assembly where those becoming prefects were awarded with new ties by head teacher, and photographed. Watching a room full of teenage girls wrestling with their ties for the next ten minutes was unintentionally hilarious – after most of them had worn ties throughout junior school, the secondary school issues clip-on ties to students – to prevent them wearing them backwards, upside down, or however else teenagers dream up. The prefect wear proper ties once again.

With a little help from parents, teachers, and each other, the group of new prefects trooped outside into the sunshine for photographs. While being ordered this way and that by a teacher armed with a camera, a member of staff sidled up to myself and my other half.

“Are you Natalie’s parents?”

“Yes?” (we both looked at each other, and at the member of staff, somewhat questioningly)

“I just wanted to say how proud you should be. She’s a wonderful person. A real credit to the school, and to you and your family.”

We didn’t know what to say.

9 thoughts on “That Friday Feeling

  1. Good job, Parents!!! How proud you must be of your daughter! All of them, of course, but this one in this moment.

    I had to Google “prefect” as I had no clue what that was. Sounds like a student government position or something? That’s great! Congrats to her!

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    1. The prefects at our local secondary school are essentially held up as an example to younger students. They have to write a letter of application to become a prefect, and have a good track record both academically, and in terms of character, trustworthiness, etc. They get several perks – such as no queue for the canteen – but also get given jobs when new children start, such as shadowing them, helping them find their way around, and so on.

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  2. I too didn’t know what perfect meant in this situation, thanks for elaborating. Must make you feel like you as parents did something right along the way…and way to go to your teen! Such a tricky age and now she has this great accomplishment. 😊

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  3. This took me back and proud indeed you should be. Well done Natalie πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ
    To have the self confidence to be happy to assume a position of (slight) authority amongst your peers takes something not to be sniffed at. I’m proud for you both!
    All that team-building of washing and domesticity at weekends while career-building Monday-Friday has rubbed off.
    If you’d ignored the chores, I can guarantee the girls would follow suit

    Sunday night drinks for you guys πŸ₯‚

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