12 Hours Sleep

After getting in from work yesterday evening I ate dinner, took some decongestant medication, went to bed, and slept like I haven’t in a long time. Of course this morning I woke with a mouth drier than the Sahara desert, but at least I wasn’t choking on my own snot again.

12 hours sleep though! How does that even happen?

I had the craziest dreams too. One in particular stands out – I was watching television in the dream – a number of men were running down a very steep hill – a race of some sort. Every now and then they would jump, and slide on their backsides down the hill – before staggering to their feet again, and resuming the running. Every time one of the men jumped, he gained on the leader – eventually overtaking him. After that they continued on horseback for some time (I don’t remember them mounting horses), and then finally they began running across a beach.

I have no idea what any of it means, and for some reason it didn’t seem odd or strange at all while watching it unfold in the dream.

In other news, our eldest daughter has been the victim of theft twice at work now – she wasn’t completely sure the first time, but was absolutely certain the second time. I hope the police get involved so she at least sees some justice. I’ve never known anybody have as little luck with people in general. Given her continued struggles with anxiety, she really didn’t need this – I just wish the world would give her a break.

3 thoughts on “12 Hours Sleep

  1. Oh that’s shit. Not just for the daughter to have to go through a horrible life experience of dealing with the aftermath, but because you will have wanted to find the culprit and shred them to bits. Well, that’s how I’d have felt anyway…


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