Has Anyone Seen My Horse ?

We’re heading towards a month since I was last “well”, and I’m only too aware that I’m starting to sound like a scratched record. I’m certain my co-workers are already fed up of the guy sitting in the corner of the office coughing, sneezing, and blowing his nose all day, every day.

You know the crazy thing? I don’t think I’ve really caught anything of consequence for the last couple of years – so I’m guessing this is the universe’s way of saying “time’s up – it’s your turn at last”.

In the middle of all of this idiocy, I feel like I’ve not so much fallen off the blogging horse, as lost the horse completely – some time ago.

Maybe this is a common thing – this mailaise. Is that even how you spell mailaise ? Looking around at the tidal wave of selfies that lands on Instagram each day, I’ve slowly realised how rare a photo of my own face has become. I’m not sure why. I get it – people take selfies because they feel proud of how they look in a given moment – or want to share where they are. I just wonder if anybody is remotely interested in seeing my unshaven face arrive in their phone. Surely a photo of something I saw is more interesting than a photo of me? You probably KNOW what I look like – another photo of me really isn’t going to fire any insightful thoughts. Where I am, or what I’m doing might though.

It’s been a long week.

While cycling home from work today I got cut up by several cars, and started to wonder if I’m invisible or unworthy in some way. Surely the rest of the world can’t be THAT self interested? Maybe they are. My mistake.

Do you ever have the feeling that you’ve misjudged the entire world? That “thinking the best of people” was a mistake? I sometimes think that.

And before you express concern in a comment – I’m fine. Absolutely fine. Apart from the snot and coughing. No, really. I might go to bed in a minute though. Like I said – it’s been a long week, and it’s not quite over yet.

Thank the maker we have a three day weekend coming in the UK. And the Monaco Grand Prix – not that anybody will be watching it of course, because F1 is now pay-per-view, and Mercedes have become so good that nobody is interested in watching them win any more.

I’ll cheer up tomorrow, I promise.

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