Nothing of Consequence

The clock is ticking towards midnight, and you find me sitting at the dinner table in the lounge with the laptop. I started writing this post fifteen minutes ago, but somehow found it much more important to first finish my cup of tea, then copy some music over from the networked hard-drive in the other room – to listen to while writing this. Of course that didn’t quite go to plan – I had to tinker with Windows 10, and then install a half-decent music player app. None of this got me any closer to writing anything. It never does. I think I know why too.

I don’t actually have anything to share today. Well… nothing of consequence. Not that I’m letting that stop me. I’ve written far more about far less in the past, and I imagine I will in the future too. It’s a particular skill – filling a screen with text that serves nobody, goes nowhere, and achieves nothing. If procrastination had an awards system, I imagine it would involve some sort of ceremonial sash that could be worn to literary events, and admired by fellow procrastinators.

Anyway. Enough of this nonsense. It’s almost half-past my bedtime. Time to go sit in bed and noodle around with the Amazon tablet for a while – studiously avoiding reading any of the books stacked on the bedside table. Making any actual progress at anything would seem quite ridiculous, all things considered.

7 thoughts on “Nothing of Consequence

  1. Posts about nothing are never *for* nothing, though. That’s the magic of creating/writing anything. Think of yourself as a stream train, and your thoughts as the steam. What would happen to a steam train if it didn’t have a funnel to release the built up steam? I’d imagine it would blow up (then again, I’m no scientist. Maybe it would be okay. 🤷🏻‍♀️) Not sure if any of that gibberish makes sense. I hope it does. In summary: it’s good to write, even if it’s about nothing. We like your posts about nothing. 🙂☀️

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    1. I’ve never thought of myself as a steam train before. Can I be like the little red one we used to race around my brother’s bedroom floor (or at least until it almost set fire to the carpet).

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      1. Lol. ☺️ Sure. You can be a red one. If you want. Maybe don’t set the carpet on fire, though…😉😂x


  2. You make me laugh (and shake my head and roll my eyes…😏)

    Next time, describe something in your line of vision. Or, update us on Kaspar. Or tell us how many times you had pizza this week. 🙂

    Keep writing though. 😊

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    1. Kaspar has remained as elusive as ever today. Pizza count this week is once (so far). Other half is going away at the weekend though, so all bets are off lol.


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