Switching Universes

After a number of questionable corporate decisions recently, I’ve decided to quietly untangle myself from Google. This has meant walking away from their mail, calendar, and photo storage, and finding alternatives. It has also meant visiting the various places I frequent online, and changing my email address.

I must be mad. Or brave. I’m not sure which.

10 thoughts on “Switching Universes

  1. I did that a couple of years ago and, while I’m not completely Google-free, I’m not overly dependent on them either.

    Having my online activities spread across multiple servers and suppliers is a little less convenient (and a tad more expensive) than letting Google handle everything, but it does mean that I am a lot less exposed to random decisions from a single company.

    Good luck with the untangling.

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      1. For photos, calendar and other cloudy stuff, I have an account with ocloud.de.

        For email I have a mail client — K9 on the phone and evolution on my PC.

        For search I use Duck Duck Go, which is a lot better now than when I started using it.

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      2. Interesting about DuckDuck because we tried it and didn’t like it much here in Canada (and the teens hate it)…I’ll look back into it. Thank you for the recos.


      3. When I started using DDG I was constantly switching back to Google but, over the last couple of years, I find myself doing this less and less. It’s definitely improving.

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  2. So what do you two suggest then? I mean, I use google calendar with colours assigned to all family and depend on it, sync it with everyone since we spend more time apart than together at kids’ sports…plus I use yahoo for email, he uses hotmail, kids use gmail. And, some have iphones, others android phones…google and all its evilness just seems so convenient…




    1. My main advice would be to not try and do it all at once. Decide what you want to change first and, change it and once everyone stops complaining, move on to the next thing.

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