Twenty Minutes to Midnight

I really don’t know why I do this to myself. I sat down in the junk room an HOUR ago, with all the intentions in the world of sitting down to write a blog post. I’ve left it now until twenty minutes to midnight, with the OCD part of my brain screaming “if you don’t post this within the next twenty minutes (nineteen now, actually), you’ll have missed another day on the damn blog”. I don’t know why my brain does this to me – it’s not like I HAVE to post every day.

I’m way behind with reading other people’s posts too – although I don’t feel so guilty about that because I know I will catch up when I get a chance. I’m resisting the temptation to have a rant about those out there that try really hard to attract readers to their own blogs, but never put any effort into reading or commenting on anybody elses. I’m not going to rant about that though, because I’ve done enough ranting just recently.

We lit the chiminea in the garden this evening, and toasted marshmallows. It’s funny – I had only just lit the fire when the children appeared from the darkest corners of the house as-if by magic. We have had a bag of giant marshmallows in the cupboard for some time – and now everybody feels sick, and it’s all their own fault. I don’t even LIKE marshmallows – I just toast them for the kids. Being completely honest, I like sitting next to the fire outside because the smoke discourages flies from coming anywhere near.


I don’t have a lot to report today. I’m still plugging away on the huge project for work. I suspect we may not meet the deadlines, but I’m trying not to stress out too much about that. Yet. It’s out of my hands really.

Thirteen minutes left. It will take me a few minutes to find a suitable photo. I’m not sure if adding stock photos to blog posts actually helps that much – they have become so prevalent, everybody knows when they see them. I guess it’s better than a page full of text on it’s own though (but also makes me wonder – are people that superficial – that they won’t even bother looking at a blog post without a picture on it? – the data seems to support that rather depressing theory).

I’m actually amazing myself here – at my ability to churn out utter tosh for fifteen minutes, and then post it without really caring if it’s interesting or not. I promise to do better tomorrow, when the OCD won’t be forcing me to write five hundred words before I turn into a pumpkin.

p.s. I’ve ditched Scrivener for blog posts. It was a bit mad, using the aircraft-carrier of the word processing world to write sticky notes about my life. I’m back to using text editors, and saving the words into a Git repository at github. Feel free to explore at

p.p.s. an impressive stag beetle flew past while sitting outside with our eldest daughter – causing her to stop mid-conversation and make the most horrified sound I’ve ever heard her make. I don’t think she’s every seen the B-52 of the insect world in action.

4 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes to Midnight

  1. I hate marshmallows…too sticky, too sweet But the kids? Like yours, mine appear put of the woodwork at the slightest smoke signal. 🙂

    Ps. Most of my posts have no photos and when they do they’re usually mine so I don’t know what you’re talking about with the stock thing. 😝

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  2. I am so far behind on post reading… but it was nice to take some time away to completely just focus on living in the moment while traveling. Roasting marshmallows sounds fun.

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  3. I get around this sense of OCD by having always lived my life as if it’s not really the next day until I’ve gone to sleep and woken up again (or unless 24hrs have obviously passed though days where I stayed up like that couldn’t be more than half a dozen).

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