A Quick Question

For as long as I can remember, I have been searching out free stock photos and adding them to the top of my blog posts.

I’m wondering about removing them.

Any thoughts ?

Postscript – it is done – the photos are gone…

9 thoughts on “A Quick Question

      1. Ah. then I’d say, keep the pix. An image adds to the experience. Like curtains on the window. I know what you mean, though, about searching for just the right illustration. I’ve been known to spend multiple minutes. Way too many minutes to be worth it.

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  1. I love my spouse with or without makeup! She decides whether to apply it or not.

    Those of us who follow you across oceans and platforms love you and your posts with or without stock photos. Your call!

    Whatever you decide, why take the time to remove old ones? We would rather see a new post from your heart with the limited time you have?

    Quick question: if one of your daughters gave you a birthday card, which would you prefer, handmade or prepared by a stranger with her signature?

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  2. I say: be you, and listen to your heart. I say: I’m the type of human who loves to see the way that a carefully chosen photo interacts with a story, regardless of who took the picture (or how many people have used the same one). I say: I don’t care much for the stigma that’s been created around the use of stock photos, because with a simple change of perception…the drama is gone, and the writer is free to use the stock photos as a part of a beautiful, unique expression of their own creativity, while honouring (and being grateful for) the opportunity to also share the talents of another with the world. In conclusion, I say: I want what you want for this place. (Probably should have skipped the rest of my nonsense and said *that*, hey. 😂)

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  3. I like the aesthetic of stock photos. They are so much cleaner than my own, but I couldn’t really say whether any of it matters or not…


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