Memory Failure

While walking across the green outside our house this evening – en route to the corner shop to buy drinks and snacks to get us through England playing in the World Cup quarter final – I thought of something I had missed at work – a part of the development project I am working on. I can’t remember what it was now – I know I thought of something, and thought to myself at the time “you need to remember this” – but of course it’s gone – and I’m kind of furious with myself.

My brain is a mystery unto itself. Just as I finished writing the paragraph above, the thing I had told myself to remember re-appeared in my head. It’s now written down in the bullet journal – something to look at in the morning.

Yes, I’m still using a bullet journal, despite multiple dalliances with productivity apps, websites, and whatever else. There’s just something about writing things down that works for me. Earlier in the week I sat at my desk at work, and the managing director sat down next to me to talk something through – and commented on my using paper and a pen to work things out. He does the same – we wondered if it might be a generational thing.

On about work – we hired somebody new this week – a young lad that’s been helping out with a data migration project. He was hired to complete a relentless task that a human could perform far better than a computer – fixing the crazily broken data from an old system while transferring it to a new one. While chatting with him one afternoon it dawned on me that he had the exact skill set that we’ve been unsuccessfully seeking in somebody for MONTHS – we have wasted SO much time doing interviews it’s unreal. I opened a chat window with the HR manager and quietly tipped her off. Five days later he has been hired. I wonder if I’ll get a finder’s bonus?

There’s something rather sobering about him not being born when I became a software developer.

As hinted at earlier, we were invited to a friend’s house this evening to watch the World Cup again. I bought a bottle of wine, some cartons of juice, and snacks from the local shop along the way to their house. On the way back from the store we encountered a stag beetle on the footpath – there’s a photo of it on Instagram if you’re interested – I also reported it on a website that tracks endangered species. I had no idea they were endangered until my other half mentioned it earlier in the week. This beetle was really not too pleased with me taking photos of it – rearing up to show me it’s impressive pincers, and turning around like an armored exo-skeleton from a science fiction movie.

Anyway. It’s getting late. Somehow it’s half-past eleven. Where on earth did the evening go ?

10 thoughts on “Memory Failure

  1. I sometimes think better with a pencil in my hand. Especially while thinking through a coding or design problem. I explain this to myself by remembering that the brain is an integrated system, tightly coupled to the whole body and there is some extra feedback involved. The weird part is that I don’t always have to actually use the pencil to experience the effect, just holding can be enough.

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  2. Using pen and paper to work things out isn’t really a generational thing. There’s some sort of hand-brain connection thing going on that helps us learn, solve problems, and remember things better. It’s possible that younger people haven been exposed to pen and paper enough to discover the benefits of this though.

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  3. Only way I can do math/arithmetic is with pen and paper. πŸ™‚

    I email myself forgotten things like you mention since I always have my phone on me, but sometimes that email gets buried forever so it’s not really something I recommend. πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m pretty sure this is why we have epiphanies while showering or driving. Every time I consciously try to pull up what it was I wanted to remember…nothing. And then while I’m mindlessly doing something else…Bam…there it is. lol. Reminders that I’m getting “old” are not fun. An old school friend recently became a grandmother!! Say what?! I am not grandma old yet…right?! πŸ˜‰ On the other hand, another just became a first-time mother, which is something I don’t want to go back and do. I like where I’m at, thank you very much. I hope that you are set to have a wonderful weekend Jonathan. πŸ™‚

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  5. What KIND of sandwiches, exactly.

    I would totally lose my mind without my bullet journal (or some form of list making system). Just now I wrote down three things for tomorrow that a normal person would remember but I will not: Go to the grocery, renew a prescription, put leftovers in the freezer.

    Our company offers a $10,000 bonus for finding a software developer. We’re looking for one of those and…was the other one a “quality” software developer? Something like that. Our CEO at the staff meeting was trying to figure out what the difference is. None of us knows. $10,000 if we find one of those, too. Not exaggerating and not a joke.


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