Slowly and Quietly

It’s the weekend! Finally a chance to decompress from work, kick back, watch movies, read books, and remember that life still exists away from source code, compilers, databases, and whatever else consumes me during the week.

Music is drifting through the house from the kitchen – Alexa has no idea nobody is listening. My other half and younger daughters left for an activity day some time ago – I’m home alone with Miss 18.

I’m sitting in the junk room, typing this into the recycled laptop I acquired some time ago. It may be old, but it’s by far the fastest computer in the house. The old iMac is gently whirring away in the corner of the room – after a few months bundled up underneath the desk, it got resurrected yesterday evening to produce some flyers. It may be 17 years old, but it has the full Adobe Creative suite installed on it – which hasn’t really changed over the years.

I have an eye-rolling announcement to make. I’m tinkering with a writing platform called “” – that provides a wonderfully minimal method of posting to the internet. There are no comments, no themes, no statistics – just writing. They are doing some really interesting things around federation with mastodon, but I’ll try not to fall down that particular rabbit hole for now. Don’t worry – I’m not leaving WordPress, or Tumblr – I’m just trying it out. I’ve paid for an account for a year to help support the developer behind it – to see where it goes.

Anyway. My coffee cup runneth empty – I should probably do something about that.

5 thoughts on “Slowly and Quietly

  1. I took a look. It looks interesting. Sometimes I wish I had your discipline to organize my writing into transportable markdowns. I grab whatever’s available when I start to write and dump it into the CMS. Unfortunately, it’s easier to get content into most CMS’s than it is to get it out!

    I liked because it was easy to keep my content in a way that didn’t tie me down. Getting out was as easy as getting in.

    Short of an expensive plug-in plan for WordPress, can you recommend a way to download my posts from WP and save them as separate markdown documents? I’ve tried deciphering my WP XML archives and quickly got in over my head.


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