Today was one of those days where I tried valiantly to go forwards, but ended up going sideways, no matter how hard I tried. Have you ever had a day like that? I imagine it’s kind of like trying to swim to shore while caught in a rip-current.

Don’t get me wrong – I achieved a lot. I just didn’t achieve anything I set out to. That’s not to say the things I achieved weren’t useful of course. I’ll stop now because I’ve written “achieve” far too many times already.

This evening was a classic baton race between myself and my other half. While she made dinner for one of our daughters early, and then transported her to Hockey practice, I arrived as she left and made dinner for the rest of us. While asking how our children’s days had gone, Miss 14 volunteered that she would need to take dinner with her to school in the morning – on account of going on a school trip in the evening. So guess who walked into town after dinner to get groceries ?

The more observant among you may have noticed how often I seem to go grocery shopping. This has been a deliberate thing this year – rather than spend a small fortune on a car full of groceries ever other week or so, we are trying to only buy food as we need it – which hopefully means we don’t end up throwing anything away. It seems to be working so far.

Miss 14 and 18 accompanied me into town. At first I was glad of the company, but then realised that if they hadn’t been with me I might have made it to the supermarket and back in perhaps half the time. OH MY GOD they walk slowly. I also wouldn’t have been talked into visiting the boutique cafe behind the highstreet for coffee before returning home. While it was eye-wateringly expensive, I have to admit the coffee was good.

It’s now heading towards midnight, and I’m wondering where the rest of the evening went. Oh yes – I re-installed Elementary OS on both the old desktop computer, and the recycled laptop at home. I completely lost my shit with Windows 10 earlier, while waiting for a Windows Update to let me use my own damn computer. Deep breaths. I’ve left Windows in a partition on both machines – mostly so my other half can use it without setting fire to the computer, me, and anybody that gets in her way while printing something out that won’t print on her Chromebook. Don’t ask me why she prints things out – I have no idea – I haven’t printed anything out at home since about 2011.

Anyway. It’s getting late. Time to grab my book and head to bed. More of the same tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Sideways

  1. I would much rather shop day by day, but since it takes me 20 minutes just to drive to the grocery, that is not going to happen. Let me go once a week and get it over with in one fell swoop.

    I love that you take your girls for coffee and stuff. Very cool dad.

    Hope your book is good and that you are actually managing to read it. Ha ha.

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  2. I wish I could grocery shop as needed! It would save a lot of waste. However, getting around here is a clusterf*ck and takes me about an hour: There’s traffic getting there, maneuvering through the hordes of people once in the grocery, standing in line, traffic getting home. It’s such an exercise in frustration that I only do it once per week, if that.

    I’m not a meal planner and my kids are super picky so, yes, there’s a huge amount of waste. 😦


  3. I wrote a long comment and my computer decided to refresh so I’ll take that as a sign to make it shorter. I’m at the grocery store more than I like to admit. I also have plenty of days that go sideways, so I get it! 😉


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