The Struggle is Real

I’m beginning to wonder when life will give me a break. While projects at work loom over me like an avalanche waiting to happen, the parenting adventure threatens to tunnel underneath me, and cause the ground I’m standing on to fall in at any moment.

I wonder how some people do it – how they manage to live such seemingly “together” lives. Life seems to be an endless struggle for us – often so busy holding each other up that we lose sight of ourselves – sometimes for months at a time.

While wandering through the office at work this afternoon, I started wondering what the point of everything is. We strive to learn, to experience, to collect, to connect, and to curate things our entire lives – and then suddenly we are gone. What purpose does all that effort really serve?

And no, I’m not turning into a nihilist. I’m just wondering out-loud.

Many people seem to be driven in some way – by all sorts of things. Money, fame, friendship, knowledge – most people seem to have something – but then some people don’t seem to have much of anything. Maybe they’re just good at keeping quiet about whatever their thing is.

Some people never seem to have enough of whatever they seek, and others seem content with what they have. How does that work? What causes some people to stop, and others to continue on? Is it so wrong to just drift along and find out what happens next?

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