The Climb

After a pretty spectacular falling down episode last night, I agreed to meet our eldest daughter for lunch today – to provide her an escape from work for half an hour. We’re not entirely sure why such an escape is needed, but when you’re trying to put somebody that doesn’t appear to be in pieces back together again, you’re kind of willing to try anything – or at least I am.

There is only one problem with visiting my daughter at lunchtime – a mini version of a Tour de France mountain stage to reach her. I cycle to work – the office is next to the river in the bottom of a beautiful country estate. Also, my bicycle is somewhat simplistic – it has no gears – meaning that I have no gears to change down through when faced with hills. In true murphy’s law fashion, my daughter works just outside of town – a mile of steep climb winding through the estate. Add driving rain and wind today, and you’re starting to get some sort of mental picture.

The first few hundred yards weren’t too bad – my legs vaguely remembered the days when I used to go out training on a bike, and put some considerable power down. Unfortunately after half a mile of continual climb, lactic acid, and lack of talent kicked in – reducing me to a pathetic crawl.

I made it though.

After continuing on for half a mile, I spotted my daughter standing near a bus shelter – her hood up, hiding under a tree from the really quite ridiculous rain.

When we arranged meeting up, I had thought we might sit in the sunshine and enjoy a picnic together. Reality reduced us to standing under a copse of trees, eating wraps from the supermarket while squinting up at the bows above – wondering where best to stand – not that it would have made much difference to me by that stage.

Sitting and writing this nearly twelve hours later, I’m wondering if my legs have forgiven me yet. The thought has occurred to me that if this becomes a regular thing, I might actually become fit again – or fitter than I am at the moment at least. Years ago I used to make time to run two or three times a week – mostly because it was free. Maybe I should try and get back to that – you know, along with reading books, watching movies, writing, and all the other things I keep promising to make time for.

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