The Online Friendship Dilemma

We empty our heads into the keyboard, or share brief moments in photos and videos, and often come to know each other better than those that surround us in the real world.

And yet we surround ourselves with lines – with walls – with rules.

We see a photo of somebody feeling good about themselves, and wish we could tell them, but we keep quiet because we don’t want them or anybody else to think we’re hitting on them.

We read a story about somebody going through a difficult time and wish we could be there to help share their burden – but then we become overly cautious because we don’t want them or anybody else to think we’re exploiting them at a vulnerable moment.

Maybe we overthink everything. Maybe nobody is watching every move we make. But maybe everybody overthinks everything – and everybody is watching – and maybe that thought explains why the internet seems like such a barren ghost-town at times.

We are all out here – we haven’t gone away – we’re just all watching our backs, rather than taking any chances. I think that’s a shame.

2 thoughts on “The Online Friendship Dilemma

  1. Very perceptive. The times in which we are living. Normality and decency being replaced by suspicion and political correctness. I’m looking for a remnant of 100% genuine human beings, but as you say we need to walk circumspectly (looking round on all sides) – predators lurk. Take my hand of friendship. Have a good (normal) day.

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  2. I always wonder if everybody is overthinking everything…or if that’s just me. When I was a senior in high school, some student left a “will” in the back of the yearbook (it was a paid thing to help fund the yearbook). One of my friends left me “the ability to make a mistake and not worry about it”. I’m still trying to achieve that. lol.

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