It’s heading towards 10pm, and you find me sitting in the dark of the study at home, trying to write this quickly before I melt. I bought some beer from the corner shop earlier – it’s in the freezer right now – I have to remember to retrieve it before it turns to ice.

Although not hot compared to some parts of the world, 37 centigrade is pretty damn hot for the UK. Tomorrow it’s supposed to climb to 39 for the greater part of the afternoon and evening. I’ll still be as pale as a ghost – for the last several weeks the only sunlight I have seen has been in the morning, the late evening, and through the slits in the blinds at work. By the time I finally go on holiday in late August, everbody else will be walking around in their holiday clothes, tanned, toned, and relaxed – and I’ll be my usual self – stressed, tired, pale, and wondering how everybody else does it.

Before anybody says anything, yes, I know I haven’t posted anything for the last few days. I guess it had quite a lot to do with being hot, tired, stressed, and ever so slightly fed up with endless chores.

Anyway – enough complaining. Time to go fetch that beer.

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