Sitting on my Hands

After drinking several beers last night and announcing a half hearted withdrawal from the internet at large, I’ve decided today that I might have been a little bit rash. Don’t get me wrong – I still believe a lot of what I wrote was true – especially the rant about consumers being lazy, and the algorithmic timeline being their own fault.

So. I’ve been thinking. Not something I do much of, it has to be said, given my track record of doing things because I can, rather than because I should.

I’m not moving the blog. For now.

Let’s get things clear though – I hate that the various blogging platforms have become walled gardens, I really don’t like the WordPress Gutenberg post editor, and… and… I could go on – about lots of things. I’m stopping now because nobody wants to read a long and rambling rant about blogging.

I was touched by a comment I received yesterday – that likened my blogging journey to Forrest Gump running across America – that if I do stop, I will quietly announce to those following me “I think I’ll go home now”.

So yes. I’m sitting on my hands. I’m not shutting the blog down, and I’m not stopping writing this drivel. Thank you for following me along this idiotic journey – I really do appreciate that you could have been reading much more interesting posts about dating disasters, fan-fiction, life struggles, and so on – but instead you read this. If you made it this far, you kind of rule.

I will try to do better.

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