I started writing this post an hour ago. Somewhere along the way I ended up playing two games of chess, made a cup of coffee, and ate a load of rubbish – all before writing a word. If procrastination was an Olympic sport, I would be a legend in my own lunchtime.

It’s already 10:30pm. How did that happen? I’m asking myself that a lot recently. I get up, have a shower, make a truly terribly lunch, cycle to work, swear profusely at the computer for eight hours or so, then come home, fight the good fight against the house, the garden, and my family for several hours, write a few words on the internet, and then collapse into bed. Repeat five times and you have my typical week. Add on a couple of weekend days washing clothes like a madman, and you have my entire week.

I’m too tired to think of anything exciting to write about. There are quiet goings on in my head – perhaps plans to prepare for an eventual path out of WordPress Valley – but I’m loath to talk about it, because it means blogging about blogging – and that’s got to be the most insufferable blogging rabbit hole there ever was.

I’ve already decided what the first post of the new blog will be called – “Brave New World”. Let’s hope the estate of Aldous Huxley don’t start a lawsuit. Can you even imagine the court case?

“On the left we have the defendant – the copyright holders of Aldous Huxley – beloved author of perhaps the most famous dystopian novel in the English language – and on the right, we have the accused – an internet nobody that likes to empty his head into a blog about nothing in particular, but that could also be described as dystopian in it’s own depressing way”.

I wonder what they would fine me? A packet of chocolate buttons ?

11 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Please, let me know if you find an interesting path out of Pressing Words Valley.

    Since the last time you rescued me, I have come up with a workaround to ransom my hostage words.

    Pythons scared me but I became friends with Bear.

    How about ‘New Brave in an Old World’?

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  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever leave the Valley. I’m much too lazy to figure that out. lol. My life will become a repeat (mostly filled with soccer) once school starts up in two weeks.

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  3. “Distractions” is a great title, Jonathan. I sometimes call it “juggling a few balls in the air” although I am covering up how some days I don’t really accomplish much. Easily distracted. Funny about the blogging about blogging. Relatable post:)


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