Just a Few Words

I can’t help feeling the title of this post is lifted from somewhere – perhaps Immortal Beloved? I’m not entirely sure. Anyway – just a few words this evening. No exciting adventures with gnashing lunatic dogs to relate.

I’m counting the days until I travel to the coast to visit my parents. Two weeks to go until two weeks off work – a week of which will be spent (hopefully) walking windswept hills, sitting on sandy beaches, reading long-forgotten books, eating terrible food, drinking wonderful drinks, and doing my level best to forget about work for a little while.

I should probably visit a clothes shop at some point before our journey south – and at least acquire a new shirt or two. The last clothes I bought were for our Majorca adventure last year. Oh – actually – that’s a lie. I bought a shirt at HyperJapan in London with a mash-up print of Hokusai’s “The Great Wave”, and Godzilla on it. Godzilla has snatched the boat from the wave and is busy smashing it to bits. I haven’t worn it yet.

Anyway. Two more weeks. Counting the days.

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