Missing Out on Life

I should re-title this blog “every other day” given the frequency I seem to be posting at the moment. It’s not a conscious decision to slow down either – just a lack of any time to write anything.

Take this evening for instance – I got in from work a little after 6pm, and was busy washing up when our eldest daughter walked in from a visit to the doctor (she was hoping for a complex illness involving blindness, dizziness, and various other maladies – the doctor prescribed less TV).

After catching up with her diagnosis and laughing, we walked into town together to get snacks and drinks while my other half started on dinner. It’s worth noting that “town” is about 1.5 miles away – so somewhere in the region of 5000 steps. After returning, eating dinner, and washing up, I lifted myself back onto my feet and walked back into town to escort our younger daughters home from a youth club movie at the church in the centre of town. Another 5000 steps.

This of course all happened after yet another slog at work – stumbling towards the next deadline for the project I have been working on for the last three or four months.

It’s now 10:30pm and I’m beginning to wonder if evenings even exist any more. Just before leaving the house this evening a wonderful friend knocked on the door and wandered in brandishing a bag of football boots her children had grown out of – for ours to try. I wished I could have stayed to catch up – or even to spend time with her – but no. Places to go – children to fetch.

While walking into town in the late evening, I only saw two other people out and about over the course of the mile and a half journey. I wondered what they might be missing while running their errands.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take the rubbish out, and put a load in the washing machine. It never ends.

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