I began writing this post five hours ago. Somewhere along the way Sunday caught up with me, ran me over, and dragged me along the road for a bit before reversing back over me. Twice. Once again I find myself wondering where the weekend has gone.

If you’re visiting this blog post outside of the sanitised confines of WordPress Reader, you’ll hopefully have noticed that I haven’t so much “installed a new theme”, as totally and utterly capitulated to the blogging gods. The new theme sports all sorts of interesting idiocy in the sidebar such as social links, recent photos, and self-absorbed navel gazing. I would like to say that the new theme was planned, but that wouldn’t be telling the truth. I actually meant to try out a completely different theme (which can be done by typing the name directly into the URL if you’re nerdy enough to know how) – but got the name wrong. The new theme appeared, and I found myself thinking “actually, I don’t know what the hell this theme is called, but it doesn’t look half bad”.

A lot of my life seems to be based on chance events, utter chaos, and serendipity at the moment. Thankfully I tend not to look much further ahead than where my feet land next, so I don’t get too stressed out about whatever mayhem might round the next bend – I do tend to freak out while looking around me though – and know not to even contemplate looking back at the trail of destruction behind. Not that I’m leaving the destruction – just that absorbing how messed up the rest of the world is tends to make you start questioning everything.

The world really IS becoming more and more messed up though, isn’t it. You only have to look at the various governments around the world doing their level best to shaft a vast proportion of their own population. Perhaps more frustrating is the bellyaching and moaning that goes on as a result – with millions seemingly pouring their energy into complaining, fighting, trolling, and arguing at quite some length online, rather than doing anything at all to bring about any sort of change.


I didn’t set out to bellyache about the world falling in on itself. I set out to write several hundred self-interested words about how pretty my blog looks. I guess that’s a bit subjective though – you might hate it. Let me know.

I better go help in the garden, before I get executed by firing squad for daring to not be busy while my other half is busy.

8 thoughts on “Reconstruction

  1. I read the words. I mostly ignore the theme(s) or the margins or all the other, what did you call it, interesting idiocy? lol But sometimes, like you, I fool around with the theme and agonize over it. Even though most people read me (or anyone) from WP reader and never see the work I agonized over with the theme. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. I’m reading you via Feedly, but one of the MANY nice things about Feedly is it forces you to visit the actual blog in order to “like” or comment. Therefore, I’m admiring your nice theme. Looks good!

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  3. I did notice the new theme and was quite jealous that I don’t have such an entertaining “stuff & nonsense” section. Chaos & serendipity. Yes, quite often life does seem that way. Even though my blog is about hunting down the beauty in the chaos, sometimes I’d prefer a little less of it. Although I recently heard someone say that we need that chaos (or darkness) in order to have the light. That you can’t have one without the other. It definitely gave me something to ponder.


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