Stepping Off the Path

It’s heading towards midnight. Yet again I find myself wondering where the last several days have gone – every day seems to have become the day before. Things aren’t perhaps as bleak as I might portray them though – the world surrounding me is slowly calming down – the hamster wheel is slowing.

Three more days until I walk away for two weeks. After a relentless sprint since last summer, I finally get a chance to clear my thoughts for a few days – to feel sand between my toes, to paddle in the surf, and to walk the lanes between my parents house and the surrounding villages.

Three more days.

Close friends have noticed the inward turn in recent months. The interested, engaged, talkative friend so many know fell into shadow – and perhaps the worst part is that I knew it was happening and did nothing to prevent it.

Maybe this is a sliding door moment – where I choose either a path leading further into the darkness, or back towards the light. Here’s the thing though – given my propensity towards non-conformism, I’m tempted to step off the path entirely.

4 thoughts on “Stepping Off the Path

  1. It sounds like you need the fresh breath of air that you’ll be able to receive with that sand between your toes. I find the water’s edge to be one of the best places for contemplation. Sometimes we need those inward times to discover what means the most. I hope that you enjoy your time away.


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