16 Days

I’m officially on holiday. Two weeks off. Sixteen Fifteen days until I return to the office (I began writing this post late last night, but didn’t get around to publishing it). A couple of weeks to try and forget about work and relax. Of course before any relaxing happens I need to attack the garden, attempt to rid the house of fleas again (tip – NEVER get a cat), book somebody to fix the satellite television, and a hundred other things.

I cut the lawn this morning – no small feat when I’ve been flat out at work and home for the last couple of weeks, and when I have been around, the skies have dumped on us spectacularly. It appears – given perfect conditions and house owners that run themselves ragged to do everything for everybody else – that grass will grow about an inch every 24 hours. It’s probably worth mentioning that we have an old push-along lawn mower, so I’ll probably end up with triceps like Lou Ferrigno if this weather keeps up.

There is some method to the madness in the garden – our youngest is having several friends for a sleepover on Monday night – they are sleeping in a tent in the back garden (because we’re not stupid). The tent is already up – in preparation for Monday – our “family” tent from camping holidays when the children were young. It’s ENORMOUS. At least each girl (or group of girls) will get their own zipped off bedroom, should they all fall out with one-another.

In-between cutting the lawn, grocery shopping, and putting tents up, I’ve been helping myself to a bottle of wine – proving that if you drink on an empty stomach, it goes straight to your head without passing go.

Anyway. Time to go sit quietly and play video games. I’ve installed “RetroPie” on the Raspberry Pi – meaning we can play pretty much any game that came out in the last forty years – and I’ve downloaded most of them from archive.org (or at least, the ones for the NIntendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Sega Master System – oh, and the Atari 2600, MSX, and a few other systems). I’ll be busy nerding out with Jet Set Willy, Mario Brothers, Q-Bert, Space Invaders, Galaga, and Asteroids if you want to find me.

6 thoughts on “16 Days

  1. Can I come over and play video games?????? I miss the old school video games. Never had any myself, but back in the day I babysat for a family that had Mario Brothers, etc. Fun times!!!


  2. For fleas with cats, I’ve been sprinkling some brewer’s yeast on my cat’s food for years. It’s supposedly a flea deterrent and I haven’t had any problems with her (she’s strictly indoor now but use to be indoor/outdoor). I’d say if it’s really bad using it alongside flea medication couldn’t hurt.


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