Back to Reality

After a week of walking headland footpaths, eating pub lunches, building sandcastles, and paddling in the surf, we finally arrived home late yesterday evening. Back to reality. Back to the real world. Back to mad scrambles to make breakfasts, packed lunches, arm-twisting teenagers into doing their homework, and back to the mountain of chores.

The cats succeeded in providing exactly the situation we worried about on our return. Despite shutting them from every room, they had filled the house with fleas – aided by incredibly hot temperatures while we were away. 18 hours after returning we are slowly winning the battle – armed with numerous sprays, mops, buckets, hoovers, and elbow-grease. Now we just need to get through the colossal clothes washing mountain.

While away, I didn’t touch a computer at all. My Dad has an insane computer, with an Occulus Rift virtual reality headset, and half of a real aircraft cockpit attached to it – and yes, we took turns to sit with the headset on and marvel at the various demonstrations – landing on the moon, sitting on the bottom of the ocean, and so on – but I was never really tempted to open a browser and jump down the internet rabbit hole – I spent the week talking to my parents, visiting places, reading books, and doing little else. I kept up with email on my phone, but didn’t reply to anything.

While wandering the footpaths of Heligan, Antony House, Looe, Polperro and Talland over the last week, it has occured to me just how much I have come to dislike people in general. I deliberately stopped on several walks in order for people nearby to just be further away from me. One day I spent ten minutes walking within earshot of two women who seemed far more interested in talking about the programmes on their washing machines than the wonderful country gardens they were walking through. Another day while walking into a small fishing village I passed a family who’s entire topic of conversation seemed to be centered around how much further the shops were from the car park.

I’m not sure if I expected to, but I didn’t “miss” blogging at all. I’m not sure if it means anything, and I’m not going to dwell on it – I just thought it interesting.

10 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. > I deliberately stopped on several walks in order for people nearby to just be further away from me.
    That’s how I behave too – or increase my pace to get ahead of them quickly.

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  2. I find that I blog more if I’m less engaged in my day to day. I don’t just mean “busy.” Being truly engaged in things that bring tangible satisfaction lowers my “living in my head” as opposed to “living in the moment.” Plus, since engagement often means physical activity (gardening, beekeeping, building, landscaping), I am tired at the end of the day–so fewer blogs. I don’t know if that resonates with you. I cannot reflect on whether it impacts how I feel about people–since my life is rural and pretty secluded. They’d have to come knocking on my door to annoy me.


  3. Curious to know what kind of flea protection stuff everyone is using on their cats that does not appear to be working.

    I feel the same way about people when I’m out and about. Especially on a hike in the middle of the wilderness or something. Either shut up and admire the sights around you or, if you MUST talk, at least talk about what we’re looking at and experiencing!

    Anyway, it sounds like a nice time away and you definitely deserved it!!! Sorry you had to come back to the flea invasion.

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    1. We use “front line” on the cats – a gel that you rub into their neck. It’s been pretty useless during the last few summers. We use the more expensive sprays on the carpets at home – which seems to work as long as you hoover every day too. The more “natural” sprays are rubbish – they have to have insecticide in them.


      1. Front Line is what I’ve always used, or the other similar product, Advantage. Sounds like ya’ll have some very resilient fleas over there!


  4. Grrr… because your tile, that Soul II Soul song from the ‘80s is stuck in my head 🤪.

    Fleas are bad here too. Moe had to see the vet for a tooth problem a couple of weeks ago. He came home loaded with them. Thankfully, a dose of Advantage took care of the problem quickly.

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  5. Kudos to you, Jonathan for taking a break. The computer can be enticing. Family, visiting, reading, hiking also enticing. Our camping makes me take a break from being plugged in. I (think) I am better for it. Stunning photo!

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