Back to Work

After two weeks with no schedule, no plans, no obligations, and no expectations, today arrived with something of a thump.

I woke a little after six, squinted at the alarm clock, and pulled my face back underneath the duvet. After a long forgotten dream that packed an entire adventure into three quarters of an hour, I woke again at seven when the local radio station erupted across the room.

An hour later I was standing in the kitchen – showered, shaved, dressed – making lunches for myself and my other half. Just as I finished, and proudly pointed to her cheese and pickle sandwich, she informed me that she had made her own lunch the night before.


The cycle to work was routine I suppose – my legs somehow remembered how to turn the pedals – although they did need a little encouragement from time to time.

About an hour into the day – while sipping a second coffee with a phone propped against my ear – I discovered just the sort of lunacy I half-expected. Of course when I say “discovered”, I think perhaps I should have known but had somehow forgotten.

I’m heading to the railway station tomorrow. A trip to Leeds with work. Ten hours on trains over two days, a night at a hotel, and a meal for one awaits. After dinner this evening I entertained myself by ironing clothes into a travel bag.

I know how to have fun.

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