Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

Before I start, it’s worth noting that my daughters would enthusiastically volunteer that I am already a grumpy old man, and my other half would confirm it without a second thought – while giving me the “you really need to ask me this?” eyebrows.

I took Miss 18 to the cinema this afternoon to watch the second “IT” movie – based on the book by Stephen King (who plays a wonderful cameo in the movie, just so you know). The movie was good. Not great. Just good. I’m not here to write about the movie though – I’m here to write about the row of teenagers at the back of the movie theatre who chatted, and laughed throughout the first few minutes of the movie until a women sitting near them shouted at them to shut up or she would report them to the staff and have them ejected from the cinema.

Thankfully they shut up.

While I generally try to look for positives in people, those few minutes in the movie theatre today tipped the balance. They were perhaps 15 and 16 years old, wearing label clothes, and had that special kind of arrogance that comes with never having worked for anything in their lives. They laughed when challenged about their behavior until they realised the entire rest of the movie theatre was furious with them too.

I wonder where it starts? I wonder how so many children become so myopic? I wonder how they become so conceited, arrogant, and entitled? Is it down to nurture, or nature? And if it is nature, what has caused it? Perhaps the algorithmic timeline generation have been surrounded by concordant feedback from the online echo chambers for so long that they really have lost all empathy, appreciation, or consideration for anybody or anything outside of their bubble.

Or maybe I really am turning into a grumpy old man that will walk the streets waggling my walking stick at children – angrily berating the world around me for any and all perceived faults, injustices, and annoyances.

4 thoughts on “Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

  1. Well, I’ll just start by saying: yes, you ARE a grumpy old man. 😂Seriously, Though, genetics would be a huge influence on that sort of thing. So would environment (and past lives maybe 😉☺️) For instance, you’re a grumpy old man for a reason, right? If you wanna to find out about where the teens got their ‘tude’ from…maybe you’ll find the answer hidden beneath your own bonnet. You never know, hey. There could be all sorts to fjnd in there! ☺️😉x


  2. Look. My own son displayed some rude behaviour recently and it mortifies me because he did not/does not get this from me or us. So what gives? I don’t know how to solve the rude people in public situation in general (and there are plenty in my surroundings…) except to escape into my house, a room with a door (and wifi lol) and shun everyone.

    Boo. 😳😉

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  3. A couple of years ago, I was in a theater when a hulking, scary-looking guy stood up just as the lights were dimming, and said “If I see or hear any cellphones during the movie, I’ll beat you to a pulp,” or something to that effect. I know that’s not the solution, and I don’t think he’s a well-adjusted individual, but I felt a sneaking sense of gratitude, and thought about offering him free tickets to all the movies I wanted to see.

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