That Friday Feeling

I was late for work today. I took a detour through town to get my mobile phone battery replaced, and to get a haircut. My hair had reached the curious “starting to look like a yeti” stage. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, but at some point in your life, the hair starts to grow out of the sides of your head faster than the top – it’s pretty funny.

The lady cutting my hair made the mistake of asking me how my week was going, so I kind of unloaded on her like Chunk from the Goonies – telling her about my daughters, my work, the barn dance we’re supposed to be going to tomorrow night, the lawn that needs cutting… Ok, maybe I didn’t mention the lawn.

I had an hour to wait for the mobile phone to be fixed, so wandered over to Starbucks, and sat with an orange juice and a flapjack – noodling with my old laptop, and trying to look like I was doing something tremendously important. In reality, I stalked work conversations in Microsoft Teams, and chipped in to make myself appear present.

The phone is all better now. Well – mostly, I think. I charged it up to 100% earlier, and it’s only lost a few percent during the day so far (and that included me dicking around to take a selfie earlier – a tradition I am informed, after you’ve had your hair cut).

Fifteen minutes remain of Friday, then then weekend stretches out ahead. I’m trying not to think about that barn dance – I imagine my other half is going to try and arm-twist me into wearing jeans, boots, a flanel shirt, and a hat. All I’ll need is a string on my back that makes me say “there’s a snake in my boot!”.

2 thoughts on “That Friday Feeling

  1. I’m pretty sure that it’s a must you take a selfie after a haircut! Sometimes I post them, sometimes I just send them to my husband. A barn dance sounds like fun. My daughter has a homecoming dance coming up and she loves to dance so I’m hoping she takes full advantage! πŸ™‚ I hope that you have a great weekend.

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