Fine With That

It’s heading towards midnight, and I’m sitting in the junk room, thinking back through the day. Unfortunately sitting in front of a desk all day writing software doesn’t really translate into interesting, entertaining, or insightful words of wisdom.

I looked in on LinkedIn while on a coffee break this morning, and almost convinced myself that it might be a good idea to write opinion pieces about software development, web development, computers, technology, the social internet, and so on.

Here’s the thing though – I tend to look at all the people posting their stuff on LinkedIn, and think they’re all frauds – that they’re all pretending to be somebody, or something. Worky work people posting about worky work things to impress other worky work people. A bit like fashion and beauty magazines – written by aloof female journalists to instruct other women how to look, and make them feel bad about themselves if at all possible.

I suppose I’ve got to the stage in my career where I don’t really have to try and impress or prove anything to anybody. I’m quite happy sitting quietly at my desk churning out elegant, efficient, fast, logical code that my co-workers can understand, and invariably gets buried in the underbelly of systems and forgotten about.

There’s a strange duality when it comes to software development – the better you do your job, the less anybody notices – and I’m fine with that.

2 thoughts on “Fine With That

  1. I’ve looked at some of the articles on LinkedIn and they all strike me as being fundamentally the same: The writer is trying to get themselves noticed by showing off what little they know. I can’t help but wonder whether any of these people adds ‘writes for LinkedIn’ to their CV.

    I’m with you on the duality of software development. It’s only when something goes wrong that everyone suddenly knows your name.

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  2. Strangely that duality comes heavily into play in my accounting side of life too… Nobody notices unless something is going wrong – otherwise, the company seems to forget about our little department in the back office.


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