Switching Off

After being immersed in source code all day, I sometimes find it difficult to switch off. A huge system I have been working on for the last few weeks is edging towards “go live”. Stress isn’t quite the word.


I didn’t leave the office until 6pm. I got home perhaps half an hour later, ate, washed up, cleared the kitchen, and have noodled around on the internet for the last hour. Somehow it’s already nearly 10pm. Where did the evening go?

I downed a small glass of wine a few minutes ago – it may as well have been labelled “sleeping potion” – a huge wave of tiredness is now crashing through me. A part of me wants to stay up late and catch up with friends on the internet, but another part of me wants to go collapse into bed.

2 thoughts on “Switching Off

  1. Give into the sleeping potion!! Lol. My other half gets into code mode often and seems to do his best to fight off sleep and normal human needs – like food and sunlight. I swear he can go days. It both impresses me and terrifies me that he may be an actual robot. When the urge to sleep is there – grasp it!


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