Running Shoes

I just ordered a pair of running shoes from Amazon – they will arrive tomorrow morning. I haven’t run any sort of distance in 10 years. I’m still wondering why (why I bought the shoes, not why I haven’t run).

My eldest daughter has been talking about doing a “couch to 5k” programme at our local running club – or rather, my other half told her about it, then talked to me about it in a “if you did it with her, I think she would really like it” kind of way. This roughly translates as “you’re going to do this, and if you don’t I will give you shit for quite some time about it”. A lot of my life kind of happens that way.

Here’s the funny thing – I’m looking forward to going running again. In the year or two before the children arrived in our lives I would routinely go running a couple of times a week – about five miles each time. In the ten years since I stopped running I’ve put on perhaps 20 pounds in weight (let’s blame it on pizza) – I could do with losing that extra baggage.

People automatically think that I should be ok at running because I cycle every day – but in reality running uses completely different muscles, so cycling ends up being oddly counter-productive.

Anywhere – there it is. Expect a blog post in the near future claiming I ran half a mile and nearly died.

2 thoughts on “Running Shoes

  1. About ten years ago I ran a 10k fun run. At the time I was really in to it. I was also considerably lighter. I kind of wish I could run like that now. But I don’t think my knees would cope.


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