Running Around in Circles

After getting in from work last night (and eating home-made pizza), I finally made it out with Miss 19 for a training run – the one that was supposed to have happened the night before. It didn’t really go to plan – she had her first “bad run” – but the important thing was that she got out there and did something at least. It all counts, I suppose.

Today the roof of the world seems to be falling on us – rain has been drumming off the flat roof all night, and all morning so far. My other half is still sitting in bed with a book – I’m up and about, getting chores done, and procrastinating with this post. The kids had a friend stay for a sleepover last night – they were all up at ridiculous o’clock.

(ten minutes pass while I re-load the washing machine, hang clothes in the air dryer, and make a coffee)

I weighed myself a little over a week ago (for the first time in years), and then again a couple of days ago – to see if all the running, and not eating so much rubbish was having an effect. Somehow I lost 5 pounds in a week. This is obviously an anomaly, because nobody loses weight that fast, but at least it proves something to the kids. I probably have about 20 pounds to lose until I’m anywhere near where I should be.

In other news, I’ve been informed that we’re off to see Bill Bryson tonight. He’s doing some sort of “audience with” thing in Oxford – I’m guessing to help sell his latest book (that I spotted in a book shop last weekend). I nearly bought a copy, before reminding myself about the leaning tower of unread books on my bedside table.

Anyway. Better get on I suppose. Thanks for reading if you did πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Running Around in Circles

    1. Bill Bryson was interesting, funny, entertaining – and has a strangely British sense of humor. He talked at length about the differences between England and America – not in a mean way – more in a curious, deprecating, humorous way πŸ™‚ He also told some great stories.


  1. That is great! Yes not eating all the rubbish helps . It’s been two months and counting lessened my carb and sugar added more veggies protein smoothies and I’m seeing results as well . It’s a nice feeling .

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  2. Good for you, Jonathan on working on your health. My daughter was a personal trainer for many years and she had one saying I liked β€œa little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.” She also had other advice, although this is the only advice I can quickly recall:) Bonus spending time with your daughter. And it will be interesting how you find Bill Bryson in real life:) Erica

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    1. I guess I didn’t really have any great expectations about Bill Bryson – he came across in the same way he writes – humorous, slightly irreverant, and full of curiosity about the world around him πŸ™‚

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  3. Hmmm….this makes me feel like I should stop eating rubbish and get back to exercising regularly (now that my back is better). I wonder if my results would be a good as yours. lol.

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