New Years Day

It’s the first day of a new year. The first day of a new decade. You might think I would have invested some considerable effort in a thought provoking stream of consciousness about the direction my life has taken over the past twelve months, and the direction it might take in the future.

You want the truth? I can’t be bothered.

Maybe I’m a bit frustrated that I sat down to write a few thoughts several times throughout the day, and didn’t do anything of the sort. It’s almost like distractions surround me when I try to do anything worthy – lining up, grinning at my pathetic efforts to ignore them. You end up getting this scribbled commentary written late in the evening to avoid nothing getting posted today – because of course the world will stop turning if I miss a day – a lynch mob will form outside the front door – chanting something literary towards the house to raise the spirits of writers who actually wrote something of consequence.

Ok. I’ll stop it now. There’s only so much sarcasm you can fill into a paragraph worth of ranting.

It’s been a good new year. We visited friends yesterday evening to see the new year in together, and then invited quite a few more over to our house this evening for a drink, and to help us finish the various food we have had stacked in the cupboards.

My liver is not thanking me.

While making a coffee this afternoon, our eldest daughter asked if I had any new year’s resolutions. I didn’t have to think:


“What do you mean? None? There’s nothing you want to do?”

“I don’t really DO resolutions – but maybe I have some hopes. Maybe I hope to just get through the next year without too much drama.”

It’s not too much to hope for, is it?

Tomorrow morning I’m back in the office. I imagine most of the day will be filled with preparing everything for the coming months – arranging schedules, putting plans in place – that sort of thing. In a strange sort of way I’m glad to be getting out of the house.

Anyway. Happy New Year to you and yours. Let’s hope we are all headed into a future filled with as little drama as possible, and let’s hope I manage to walk past a few more bookshops without buying anything.

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