Nothing is Something

I cycled to work this morning, and it was raining yet again. I can’t help feeling that I’m living in some kind of Truman Show inspired hell, where rain clouds follow me around. It would also explain the bizarre phenomenon where I walk up to a road junction, and non player character cars appear from every direction to prevent me from crossing – even my daughters have started to notice it.

Just in case you’re wondering, I have little of consequence to share today – but I’m certainly not going to let that stop me from posting something. It’s strange really – after you’ve posted every day for a good number of consecutive days, it turns into a sort of mania. Of course nothing will happen if I don’t post anything (apart from the world not being blessed with yet more pollution of the internet at my idiotic hands), but I’ll know I haven’t posted anything. I can almost hear the school teacher in my head castigating me – “you’ve let yourself down, you’ve let your blog down…”

Glancing at the clock, I have thirteen minutes until I need to hit the publish button. I’m not sure I have thirteen minutes worth of content hanging around in the darker corners of my absent mind.

Perhaps it might be wise to finish the post right here, and admit defeat for a change. These words still count though, right? This is still a post? I mean – it isn’t about anything, but it’s still a post. Granted – if this is the first post you’ve discovered by me, you’re not likely to come back, but it still counts, right? (actually, thinking about it, the other four and a half thousand posts don’t really elevate themselves much above this one either).

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