An Opportunity to Tell Your Story

Following a chance conversation with a distant friend this evening, I’ve been turning an idea over and over in my head. I have no idea how I might go about proceeding with it, but that’s perhaps half the fun of it.

This friend – who lives on the other side of the world – made a comment that her latest online endeavor had not attracted as much interest as she hoped. Alongside her day job working in a hotel, she does modelling shoots at weekends – quite often Alberto Vargas inspired photography using old cars as props at vintage automotive events. Here’s the thing – there is much more to her than a wicked grin, and a slender leg splitting a 1940s skirt – she has a story to tell – one that few would suspect unless they gave her the time to tell it.

I’m wondering about doing just that – giving her the chance to tell her story. Perhaps not just her though.

Everybody has interesting stories to tell. We might think our own stories mundane, inconsequential, boring – but they explain who we are, and how we came to be here. We are all interesting in our own way.

I’m thinking about starting a podcast.

I hesitate to call it a podcast – rather a collection of conversations with friends – people I have crossed paths with on the internet. From the glass artist in Oregon, to the dance teacher in Newfoundland, the aspiring model in Kansas, the hockey-mom in Ontario, the warehouse manager in New York – the list is endless, and so are their stories. Interesting stories. Stories of happiness, sadness, victory, loss, stress, anxiety, loneliness, serendipity… so many stories that few of us know anything about.

What do you think? And perhaps more importantly, when are you available ?

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