Magic the Gathering

Our middle daughter is 16 years old tomorrow. I still think of her as the unsure little girl clinging to my leg at infant school – I probably always will. There is a small bundle of wrapped presents waiting for her in the living room – among them a card game we have been looking at for as long as I can remember.

Have you ever heard of “Magic the Gathering” ?

I’ve heard other people talk about it in guarded tones – some sort of dangerous secret from their youth. They exchange knowing looks, and protect their secret.

So yes – we have a smartly wrapped box in the middle of the living room containing this dangerously addictive underground card game, along with a number of other bits and pieces that befit a 16th birthday. Of course this is our middle daughter – so the presents are themed towards rugby, music, cooking, and board games – rather than the makeup, clothes, and mobile phones obsessed over by so many of her peers.

I’ve heard a rumor that a new Warhammer army may be arriving too.

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