Small Moves

I chatted briefly with an old friend on the internet today about the various machinations involved in bringing a podcast to life. Just as I started firing questions at him, he reminded me that content counts for far more than sound quality, editing, post-processing, or anything else. He should know – he works for the BBC, and records one of the best podcasts I know.

Before saying goodbye, I arm twisted him into recording a chat with me for my podcast at some point. Ok – maybe not arm twisting as such – more “can I record a chat with you?”, “of course!”. It’s worth noting that he writes a very lovely blog, and has done so for almost as long as me.

After taking on board that it’s all about content, and not about equipment, or software, I ordered a new microphone for myself – to help with the content, honest. I’m pretty sure having a shiny new microphone will help enormously with content (stop laughing). Seriously though – the new microphone and it’s stand will make me look almost professional – or at least as professional as you can look with the cheapest podcasting kit available via next-day delivery from Amazon.

This whole podcast escapade has turned into a snowball rolling down a snowy mountainside, hasn’t it. I need to stop writing about it and just get on with doing it. As an aside, I found out why the sound was so awful on the first episode, and have hopefully corrected it for the next one.


In other news, I watched the first episode of “The Witcher” earlier – while everybody else was out. Am I the only person in the world that couldn’t make head or tail of the story? I asked my other half – who has binge watched the entire series – and she said it took her several episodes to sort out the various inter-leaved stories too. I don’t quite know why Netflix threw money at “The Witcher” anyway – they should have carried on making “The OA”.

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