Finding a Minute or Two

After spending the greater part of the day working through changes to the leviathan I have been working on for the last several years, I cycled home through the bitter cold just in time to cross paths with my younger daughters who were heading out to rugby practice with their Mum.

After cooking some pasta, and adding it to the sausage casserole waiting on top of the cooker, I ate with my eldest daughter and looked for something easy going to watch on the television. We ended up watching the first episode of “Gavin and Stacey” – a comedy series that I somehow missed when first broadcast.

I’m not quite sure how that works – how if you miss a few episodes of something, you somehow fall out of it’s sphere of influence, and then find yourself on a parallel track compared to the rest of the world. Of course it’s not really “the rest of the world”, but it feels like it sometimes.

Afterwards I sat down at the computer in the junk room, plugged in the new microphone, and got ready to record a new episode for the podcast. It will go out on Friday evening, if you’re looking for something interesting to listen to. I’m starting to wonder if podcasting might be my “thing”, and that blogging was the thing that takes me to the thing. I’m probably making no sense at all. Maybe recording the podcast just feels exciting because it’s new. I was probably excited about posting to a blog when I first started – after five thousand posts, it’s become a little more like exhaling, rather than inhaling.

I’m sure Nora Ephron would approve.

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