Hailstorm City

A few moments after leaving the office to cycle home, the tail-end of the storm that has shut most of the country down and flooded entire roads of houses in the north passed overhead, and pelted me with hailstones.

I’ve never cycled through a hailstorm before. I tried to describe the experience to my youngest daughter while stripping down to my underwear in the middle of the kitchen after arriving home.

“It’s like having a thousand people fire pea-shooters at you, and it doesn’t stop”.

I then mimed the face I pulled while cycling through it, which caused my eldest daughter to erupt in helpless laughter. I wonder what it is about parents misfortune that delights teenage children so much?

I ate my dinner and did the washing up while wearing a bath robe and pajamas. It hardly seemed worth getting any more clothes dirty, when there was no reason on the planet that I would set foot outside the front door again tonight.

It’s all my fault. I attached a camera to my bike helmet – to hopefully record the ass-hats I regularly encounter on the cycle to or from work. The universe obviously clocked what I was doing, and thought “I’m going to f*ck him up” – in the same way cats do without a flicker of a smile.


I have another episode of the podcast ready to go. I recorded it on Saturday night – it will go out on Friday night this week. There’s a huge temptation to release it immediately, but I’m trying to be good and keep to some sort of schedule – that said, I have been thinking some more about doing a regular mid-week podcast with my eldest daughter – just looking at the social internet in general – things we have discovered, lessons we’ve learned along the way.

What else has been going on around here? Not much, to be honest. I really need to get back into running, but (as evidenced by the title of this post) the weather hasn’t exactly helped recently. There’s also the whole thing about throwing even more stuff into the washing mountain – we’ve been going backwards for weeks because of the incessant rain – getting anything dry has been a nightmare.

I need to go sort the washing out actually – sitting here writing this isn’t exactly helping much.

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