Lethargy and Procrastination

You find me sitting in the dark of the junk room, while the clock ticks past 8pm. I just sat down after a mad dash home from work, a rushed grocery shop, cooking dinner for three of us while also tidying up the kitchen, lounge and hallway, putting washing in the machine, eating, washing up, and finally collapsing into this chair.

This is somehow “normal”.

Miss 19 has promised to go grocery shopping during the day tomorrow, and to cook dinner for us all tomorrow evening. I’m already looking forward to getting home from work to the smell of something nice cooking (and probably a washing up mountain, but I’ll try to keep quiet about that particular hell).

I’ve been wondering about upgrading the little laptop I typically use for writing. It’s about four years old – one of the minimal laptops that were all the rage a few years ago – with a tiny amount of storage, and a minuscule amount of RAM. I’m thinking of quadrupling both. If it works out well, I’ll upgrade the others (we have three of them – originally bought for the kids). The cost of the upgrade is about a quarter the cost of the cheapest Chromebook. It’s a no-brainer really, and will future-proof them at least to get our younger girls through school and college.

What else has been going on? I’ve started watching a RIDICULOUS TV show with my eldest daughter, called “Friday Night Dinners”. It’s a sit-com, based around a family with grown up children (that have left home) that arrive home each Friday night to have dinner with their parents. I will admit to laughing more than I should have, and realising just how monstrous my daughter thinks I really am – as she cackled with laughter at the hapless Dad on-screen, and pointed at me…

“It’s you! It’s you!…” (with tears rolling down her cheeks)

That said, I have promised to watch some more of it tonight with her, and will then maybe think about recording another episode of the podcast. We may end up talking about the above TV show. Maybe. If no podcast appears, it will be because lethargy and procrastination won the day.

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