Returning to Stormwind

While talking to a good friend on the internet a few days ago, they mentioned playing World of Warcraft, and I realised how long it’s been since I last played it. Literally years. After re-installing it over the weekend, I am trying not to fall too deeply into it’s relentless grip.

There’s a story here. Back in the day – when World of Warcraft first appeared – I kept away from it for years. I know what I’m like, and I knew the game would be the end of me. I heard horror stories from friends at the time that they knew people that had given up their job so they could play it more.

It seems laughable now, but back then World of Warcraft was a huge deal. You only have to read contemporary accounts, such as Felicia Day’s wonderful autobiography, “You’re Never Weird on the Internet”, to realise how big an impact it had – and is still having.

I’m trying to keep myself to playing it for no longer than an hour or so at a time, and to just have fun with it. There’s a huge temptation to stay up all night though, and to set off on the kind of damn-fool adventure that Bilbo Baggins would have been proud of.

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